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More Harvest Moon for DS

Your cow or your life.

Marvelous Interactive has said a new Harvest Moon DS adventure is growing in its development fields.

It is called Harvest Moon: Sun and Friends and is due to arrive in Japan this winter, according to the pages of Farm-itsu magazine (translated by 1UP).

Your agricultural adventures will take place on Sunflower Island, where you will natter with villagers and enlist the help of wild animals to ease your daily chores. As you do. The idea, as always, is to keep things running smoothly so you will get a prosperous harvest each year.

Finding special stones will uncover new areas and islands to set to work on, and you will be able to both voice-chat and trade with your friends using wireless Internet magic.

Harvest Moon DS came out here in April and was disappointing; seemingly devoid of charm, originality and ambition - a shame when you consider the quality of its GameCube counterpart.

Head over to our Harvest Moon DS review to see what needs brushing-up on this time.

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