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Rare N64 game now on eBay

Echo Delta - yours for just £825.

Calling all Nintendo 64 fans with more money than sense: a prototype cartridge for never-released game Echo Delta has appeared on eBay.

As you can see on the auction page, Echo Delta sees you taking to the ocean floor, collecting resources and raising sunken vessels.

According to the seller, "It is addicting and has really great sound, awesome animation and control.

"Starcraft 64 and maybe Ogre Battle can sort of be compared since that's all we got but... The underwater element is really unique and unexpectedly surprising, giving way to its own whole world and genre."

The game has a Buy-It-Now price of $1520 (just under £825), but the seller will accept offers. And, er, postage is free.

"The game plays flawless, free of bugs," apparently; "It is amazing that it is finished but never came out."

Echo Delta was in co-development at Clever Trick, who don't appear to have done anything else, and Marigul Management, who developed Custom Robo, Doubutsu Banchou and Hey You, Pikachu! "If all goes well," the seller reckons, "We'll see another unreleased game by the same group or parent company that produced Echo Delta." Hmm...