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Jewel Quest on Live Arcade

Be jewelled. In many ways.

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Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade game catalogue continues to grow with the addition of iWin's Jewel Quest - already very popular on mobile phones.

Technically it's not much different to Bejeweled 2, which you can already grab from Live Arcade and has already spawned successful clones including Zoo Keeper DS (aahh, Zoo Keeper). Faced with a grid of jewels, your job is to create lines of three by selecting and swapping round adjacent jewels.

The difference here is that you're trying to turn all the little grid squares gold by getting a line of three formed on them; with each line formed, those squares change colour, and once you've done the entire grid you win.

That's the case in the demo, certainly, which is available for free to give you a taster. The full game includes 180 levels in total, and costs 800 Microsoft points. We'll bring you our verdict on it as part of our series of Live Arcade reviews in the near future.

And yes, we are going to get around to Geometry Wars soon too. Although if you hadn't grasped that we rather like it from our recent feature on the subject, then open your hand, reach forth and clutch these words: GEOMETRY WARS SI ROXOR ZOMG.

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