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GDC: Warren Spector returns

Austin, Texas based Junction Point Studios is already hard at work on a fantasy game, the Deus Ex developer reveals at the GDC, but he's not ready to reveal all just yet.

Warren Spector has announced his return to game development with the formation of Junction Point Studios, the former studio head of Ion Storm Austin and creative genius behind Deus Ex revealed at the Game Developers Conference this week.

Junction Point - based in Austin, Texas - is already hard at work, undertaking preliminary development on a "fantasy" title created by Spector, he said, and speculation has already linked it to a Looking Glass project also called "Junction Point", which was started then abandoned during Spector's tenure at that company in the mid-90s.

The game Junction Point was conceived as a massively multiplayer fantasy RPG before it was scaled back to be a single-player sci-fi RPG and then eventually canned.

Sleuths have pointed out that Junction Point Studios executive vice president Art Min also worked with Spector at Looking Glass at the same time Junction Point was in development. At JP Studios he heads up a staff of 12 mostly ex-Ion Storm developers, according to reports.

Spector has said it's too early to disclose his plans fully, but we'd expect to hear more from him soon.