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GDC: Allard's Xbox 2 keynote video, 'Guide' screenshots

See and hear about Xbox 2's "High Def gaming" future. Video and "Guide" screenshots inside.

A video recording of J Allard's GDC 2005 keynote, in which the XNA chief spoke of Xbox 2's "High Def" future and identified key elements of Microsoft's next-generation strategy, is now available from Eurofiles.

Microsoft has now released high-resolution screenshots of its Xbox 2 "Guide", which "is an entertainment gateway that instantly connects players to their games, their friends and their digital media".

Microsoft has also made Allard's address available in MP3 and WM audio formats on its US Xbox website here along with a full transcript for those of you who'd rather read.

For those of you who didn't catch Allard's revelations ahead of time yesterday afternoon when, embarrassingly for Microsoft, the vast majority of the key elements were leaked ahead of time by a Dutch PR firm, there's a full report on the keynote elsewhere on the site today.

Xbox 2 will be unveiled at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles in just over two months from now.