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Nintendo not bothered about Sony and Microsoft

Reggie bangs the drum.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says he isn't bothered about the battle between Sony and Microsoft for the "centre of the living room, entertainment hub," and he thinks comparisons between Wii and its competitors is pointless.

Speaking to News.com in a video interview, Fils-Aime said, "[Sony and Microsoft are] trying to do centre-of-the-living-room, entertainment hub - let 'em do it."

"We want to bring gaming entertainment to every single consumer, no matter how much you play, whether you are great at gaming or just coming into the industry, and so for us we revel in going in a different direction.

"And so when people try and compare and contrast between the three - no, we're doing something very different," he said.

Nintendo's US boss also quashed rumours that there's some super secret Wii announcement still to come ahead of the console's launch in the States this month. "No, no wonderful secret announcement. At least not one that I'm aware of, so then it would really be a secret," he joked.

What's definitely not a secret is Nintendo's intention of getting more units into the marketplace by Christmas than anyone has previously managed at a console launch. "We will deliver that number," he said of the target of four million worldwide by the end of 2006.

Nintendo Wii launches in the US on 19th November, in Japan on 2nd December, and in Europe on 8th December.

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