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GT4 launch makes history

SCEE claims that the launch of Gran Turismo 4 is the biggest game ever released on Europe for PS2, with more than 3 million units shipping on day one.

SCEE has confirmed this morning that 3.2 million copies of Gran Turismo 4 have shipped to retailers ahead of the game's launch today in Europe, making it the most sizeable debut for any PS2 game in the territory.

Massively anticipated, the fourth instalment of the "real driving simulator" has been dogged by serious delays and comes to market without promised online play, but is certain to cement its position as the most important PlayStation brand in existence with its 700 cars and stupefying depth.

"I am delighted by the enthusiasm for Gran Turismo 4," said Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the GT series and apparently the new Lord of Understatement.

Yamauchi is currently in the UK for the launch of the game - Europe buys more Gran Turismo units than any other area in the world - and, God willing, we'll have an interview with the great man for you tomorrow.

Brace yourself with the knowledge that the PAL version contains 10 extra cars over the Japanese and American games, then check out our extensive launch coverage (the in-depth review, a feature on the photo mode and a look into what the scrapped online mode was going to be like) before you inevitably go out and grab yourself a copy.