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Wild ARMs 5 in development

The turn-based West.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Japanese developer Media Vision has confirmed it's working on a fifth game in the Wild ARMs RPG series for PS2.

The RPG series with a Western theme has been going for a while, and the third game even made it to Europe through Ubisoft a couple of years ago. The fourth is actually due out in the US this week.

The newcomer checks all the usual Japanese-announcement boxes: nondescript Flash animation reveal, silly subtitle, questionably translated primer text, no release date.

It's called Wild ARMs: The Vth Vanguard as you can see on the website, which offers the following hints about its content:

"The planet named FARGAIA slowly but surely loses its green, and changes to the wasteland... Severe environment and the cruel monsters threatens life, people still hang on the planet. In such a wild world, there are adventurers who ask for a thrill or a dream. People call them 'Migratory Bird.'"

We'll let you know if it's coming to the US or Europe.

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