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Meier joins Computer Hall of Fame

As does Sir Clive Sinclair.

Firaxis Games' Director of Creative Development Sid Meier has been inducted into the Computer Museum of America Hall of Fame as part of a Class of 2002 induction - alongside such luminaries as Sir Clive Sinclair and the recently knighted Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Meier and Beners-Lee were both among five inductees voted for by the public in an online poll, while Sir Clive Sinclair was among five chosen by a select panel of the Computer Museum. All ten inductees will join ranks with the likes of Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Meier, recognised as an author of groundbreaking computer game software, is no stranger to awards, having already been inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science's Hall of Fame and received widespread recognition for virtually every game he's worked on. Amongst other things, his company is currently working on a new title in the Civilization series and a revamp of one of his old projects, Sid Meier's Pirates!