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SEGA announces OutRun 2006

For PS2, PSP and PC.

SEGA has put the rumours to rest by confirming that OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast will be released in March 2006 on PS2, PSP and PC - but oddly not on Xbox.

Coast 2 Coast consists of 30 stages - the best of both OutRun2 and the OutRun2 SP arcade machine that followed it - with a new mission structure, licence mode, the return of six-player online racing, and a total of 12 licensed Ferraris including the F430 and Superamerica.

It's the series' first foray onto PSP, certainly - and PSP owners who also buy the PS2 version will be able to access a bit of exclusive content (dunno what) by hooking the pair up using a USB cable.

The game is in development at Sumo Digital, the team that handled the critically acclaimed port of OutRun2 to Xbox.

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