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Don't win an OutRun2 machine!

Or else.

Want to win an OutRun2 arcade machine? No! No you don't! Think about it - the wife/girlfriend/your mum wouldn't allow it, you'd spend so much time playing around with it that you'd probably wind up failing an exam/losing your job/I forget which order I'm doing the separatey-slashy things, and frankly people would laugh at you in the street. That's not even related to the arcade machine. They just do anyway, don't they?

So, the best thing for you to do is not enter Sega's competition to win a stand-up OutRun 2 arcade machine - which is all part of their efforts to promote the hell out of OutRun 2: Coast 2 Coast, which is due out on PS2, Xbox, PSP and PC at the end of the month and is, judging by two whole weekends lost to its charms, going to be wicked.

Really, you don't want to enter. Nobody should enter in fact. We'll just enter on everyone's behalf and then when we win we'll keep the machine locked away so it can't do anyone any harm. It's the best way.

How will we enter? Well, the idea is to take a picture of what your face would look like if you were leaning out the window of a Ferrari. There are more details on the official website, but obviously you shouldn't go there because you're not going to enter. Good on you.