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Virtual Console: next wave?

ESRB site points to US possibles.

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Eagle eyed web-spotters have noticed an update to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board website in America, perhaps unmasking the first post-release batch of Virtual Console titles for that territory.

Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, Kid Icarus, Kirby's Adventure, PilotWings, Pro Wrestling, Punch-Out and Wild Gunman all make the list of most recent Nintendo Wii ratings, but none has featured on the US Virtual Console line-up so far.

Nintendo has previously said it aims to release Virtual Console titles at the rate of about ten new additions each month, although it's come to light recently that its line-ups for individual regions will differ.

For example, the European line-up boasts SNES title Donkey Kong Country in addition to F-Zero and Sim City, whereas the US list does not, and the Japanese SNES line-up is altogether more expansive.

Virtual Console titles will need be purchased using Wii Points, for which you'll pay EUR 20 / GBP 14 for 2000. NES games will cost 500, SNES 800, N64 1000, Megadrive 800 and TurboGrafx-16 600 points.

Nintendo Wii launches in Europe on 8th December.

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