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New Wild West FPS announced

For PC, at the very least.

Texas-based developer Darkroom Studios has announced it is hard at work on Lawmaker, a new first-person shooter set in the Wild West.

Lawmaker puts you in the cowboy boots of one Colt Kaufman, a troubled hero if ever there was one. Having spent ten years shootin', lootin' and generally rootin' and tootin' his way around the States, he returns home to discover that his father's been butchered, his mum's run off in terror and his best mate's acting like a nob.

Now Colt must track down his father's killer and get himself some vengeance - in between robbing banks, dodging the sheriff, gambling down the local salooon and indulging in the odd bit of bounty hunting, of course.

All sorts of exciting features are promised, including Showdown mode - where it's all about whose trigger finger works fastest - and the ability to take control of virtually any character in the town as you work your way up to the level of Wild West legend.

Each environment is up to 2.5 square miles in size and locations include plantations, docks, mansions and a riverboat - and if you get tired of walking tall, you can always nick yourself a horse or two. Weapons include axes, sawn-off shotguns and sticks of dynamite.

There's no word on a release date as yet and Darkroom is keeping quiet about which platforms the game will appear on, but news that Lawmaker will allow you to "create your own customisable Dual Weapon Hotkey Combinations" would suggest a PC version at least.

Lawmaker screenshots can be found here, and more information about the game is available from the Darkroom Studios website.