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EGTV: Virtua Tennis 3 trailer

The ball's in our court.

For all right-minded folk, it's understandably difficult to think about anything other than The Beautiful Game right now - but another great sporting event is also just around the corner, with Wimbledon fortnight serving up as the World Cup enters its knock-out stages.

One of the most thrilling prospects on the videogames horizon is Sega's next-gen instalment of the masterful Virtua Tennis series. And while its spring 2007 release on Xbox 360 and PS3 is far too late to cash in on the Pimms-fuelled frolics at the All England Club this summer, EGTV has an exclusive showing of the first trailer of Virtua Tennis 3 right now.

In development at talented UK studio Sumo Digital, the outfit responsible for the top-notch PSP instalment in addition to recent OutRun console titles, VT3 promises all the enhancements you'd expect from a next-gen product, with the tantalising prospect of full online play.

Indeed, "even the briefest glimpse tells us enough to know that this is shaping up to be another must-have title," is how our very own Kristan gushed in his goggle-eyed E3 playtest.

You can check out the full exclusive trailer right now on Eurogamer TV.