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Virtua Tennis 3 goes online

In 360 version, first time ever.

You'll be able to play Virtua Tennis online 3 for the first time in franchise history on Xbox Live, SEGA has announced, when the game launches for the console in March.

Play in singles and doubles matches; in exhibition or tournament games; in ranked or friendly matches, or alternatively use new VT:TV to watch your friends and opponents slug it out.

"Virtua Tennis 3 on Xbox 360 is definitely the next generation of tennis," said Matt Woodley, creative director of SEGA. "We're striving to create games which not only have great gameplay but also can make the very most of the Xbox 360's amazing technology."

Great news for the series and 360 owners, then, not so for those of you planning to play this on PS3, which we previously learnt wouldn't support VT3 online matches.

Microsoft's version will also support 1080p, and each of the 20 tennis players involved in the game are set to look pretty splendid and move fluidly.

Ace your way over to our recent impressions of the game for more information.

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Virtua Tennis 3

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