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Bonus Wipeout tracks to fill Mem Stick

PSP owners could be forced to buy larger Memory Sticks to store all of Wipeout Pure's downloadable content, preliminary details suggest.

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Details of downloadable content for PlayStation Portable racer Wipeout Pure released by Sony this week suggest that it could well swallow up the entirety of the default 32MB Memory Stick peripheral used to store saved data.

According to reports from Japan, Sony plans to support Wipeout Pure with downloadable content for at least six months, releasing monthly updates containing roughly two new tracks, hovercraft and soundtrack songs. Sony's Liverpool studio has also indicated that new "skins" for the game's menu systems could be made available.

Although the hovercraft, music and skins will most likely only amount to a few kilobytes, new tracks will apparently weigh in at 4MB each - making for monthly updates that could fill a quarter of a 32MB Memory Stick in one go.

As a result, gamers will either have to buy addition or larger Memory Sticks for use with the PSP, or will have to transfer some of the old data to their PCs for backup purposes.

Sony has yet to indicate whether or not it will charge for additional downloadable content, as Microsoft and its partners sometimes have done for Xbox updates distributed through Live and Codemasters recently did for a PS2 update to its football management series.

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