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Japan gets budget PSP games

They're less than 15 quid each.

Almost a year after the PlayStation Portable was released in Japan, Sony has announced plans to launch a new budget range for the handheld under the label PSP: The Best.

Hit titles will be repackaged and resold at the lower price point of 2800 Yen (just over £13.50). Full price PSP games currently retail for around 5040 Yen (£24.50). The first batch of games will be released on November 17, and will be comprised of Metal Gear Acid, Minna No Golf Portable, Vampire Chronicle, Mojipitan, Ridge Racer, Lumines and Armoured Core Formula Front.

The next wave of titles - Need for Speed Underground, Derby Time, Dokodemo Issho, Poporo Crois Monogatari, Tales of Eternia and Rengoku - will follow on December 1.

Sony Japan launched a similar range, PS2: The Best, nearly three years ago. To qualify for inclusion, each title must have sold at least 100,000 copies. Sony did not disclose whether PSP games must meet the same criteria.

Nor have they announced whether we'll get a similar deal in Europe - though since the budget Platinum range has been a success on both PSone and PS2, it seems more than likely. The question is, when? We'll keep you posted.