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Join the Winx Club

Cartoon tie-in on the way.

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Konami has announced that a game tie-in for hit cartoon show Winx Club is heading to PC, PS2 and GBA.

Winx Club is "a delightful celebration of friendship, fantasy and magic" apparently and follows the adventures of Bloom, a 16 year old girl who discovers she is a fairy. When we were 16 all we discovered was smoking and alcopops, but there you are.

Bloom is whisked away to the enchanted world of Magix, home not only to fairies, humans and witches, where she forms the Winx Club with four of her friends. Adventures ensue.

Winx Club is being developed by Konami Europe and sees you taking on the role of Bloom as she embarks on a series of missions. She's very athletic, and can even fly and do magic and that. Many of the missions are based around the concept of helping out your friends - and if you succeed, they'll offer you tips on how to solve the game's many puzzles or access new locations.

Winx Club is out on GBA in November, with the PS2 and PC versions to follow early next year.

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