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Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Chat to Mizuguchi live

About top PSP title Lumines.

Imagine if you could ask Tetsuya Mizuguchi anything, anything at all. Where the idea for Meteos came from, for example, or how he made Lumines so good it's like musical smack, or what he thinks of those Internet photos of that lady dressed up as Ulala that we can't link to here due to legal and probably ethical reasons?

Well, now you find out the answers to those questions, because Ubisoft is holding a live internet chat session with the man himself - today. Yes, you can connect LIVE to Mizuguchi's giant brain and pick it for all sorts of intriguing information, asking him "nearly anything" (so probably not that question about the Ulala pics, thinking about it). The focus is on Lumines but you can also ask him general stuff about developing for a new console or whatever.

The chat will kick of at 2pm today, GMT. To join in, visit the Ubisoft chat page and select the "lumines" channel. You'll need IRC.

Lumines is in the shops now. Actually it's not because we were in the shops yesterday and they're all sold out. But, you know, technically.

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