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Iwata defends Wii name

No regrets for Nintendo boss.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has defended the name of Nintendo's next-generation console, saying he's glad he helped come up with it despite all the criticism bandied about.

Speaking at a Tokyo press conference, Iwata said: "I have never thought the name was a mistake. Some people seem to have a problem with it now, but I think they'll grow to like it."

Look at the Game Boy, Iwata argued - that name was also criticised, with some saying it suggested girls were excluded from playing with the handheld. But once the Game Boy caught on, so did the name, according to Iwata.

Iwata's comments echo those made by Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton in a recent interview with Eurogamer TV, where he said: "[Wii is] a very simple word that we've created to come across with that message to everyone."

When asked in the same press conference about the rumours that Microsoft is developing a handheld to rival the Nintendo DS, Iwata didn't appear to be too concerned: "Whatever Microsoft does won't change what Nintendo will do," apparently.

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