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Xbox 360 photos turn heads

The real deal. With you in November.

Photographs have emerged from a Microsoft-run launch soiree, held in Los Angeles last night, of the Xbox 360 hardware including controller, Live headset, EyeToy-style camera and DVD player/Media Centre remote control.

You can find the new pictures, which confirm that the old ones were genuine, on our Xbox 360 hardware gallery page.

It also emerged this week that Xbox 360 may launch in November. An MTV webpage promoting next week's official unveiling show promised video footage of games and mentioned a November date - just days after Bill Gates himself let slip the console would definitely be released in 2005.

According to those who originally got hold of the photographs from last night's LA event - reportedly captured on someone's camera phone - the optional hard disk is also now confirmed (and visible in one of the pictures if you look closely).

There's also speculation that a silvery X-emblazoned bobble in the centre of the pad is a trackball of some description, although we're not so convinced ourselves. Perhaps it's for changing the wireless controller's frequency instead, or your current player number.

Today's leak is the latest in a line of the things, some of which formed part of a Microsoft-run promotional campaign at OurColony.net, and comes just days ahead of the console's official unveiling in an MTV special on May 12th (US) and 13th (rest of the world).

Microsoft plans to show off Xbox 360 in some detail at E3 in less than a fortnight's time, too, having stated that it plans to lay the groundwork on MTV and then take us deeper at its pre-E3 press conference.

Microsoft UK reps weren't available for comment at the time of writing because, well, it's nearly 11pm on Saturday and the only reason we're even here is that we're slaving over the new website.

If they had been, however, they would have said, "Microsoft does not comment on rumour or speculation."

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