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HMV goes Dragon Quest crazy

All sorts of exciting stuff planned.

Eagerly awaited (and really rather good, as you'll know if you've read our review) PS2 RPG Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King is out next Thursday - and HMV Oxford Street is planning to celebrate in style.

Anyone who turns up and buys a copy of the game between 12pm and 3pm will receive a one-off Manga portrait of themselves, for starters. You'll also be able to enter a draw to win a Dragon Quest poster signed by the series' legendary creator, Yuji Hori, plus a collectable Slime beanbag and PS2 controller.

And that's not all - Dragon Quest's Puff-Puff Girls will be visiting the store, and handing out exclusive prizes to those who manage to beat some of the 300-odd monsters featured in the game.

Journey of the Cursed King has already been a huge hit in Japan, with three million copies shifted in the first three days after it went on sale - and chances are it won't do too badly here, either. To take part in the HMV celebrations, get yourself down to 150 Oxford Street on Thursday 13th April some time between 12 and 3.