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Tony Hawk goes Downhill

With Jam. No word on butter.

There was going to be a joke here. It was going to be about Tony Hawk's career path - from Pro Skater to THUG before THAWing out and settling down to toast his life with Downhill Jam on it - but I've just checked and there's no bread and if I can't have some jam on toast then you're all just going to have to sit through a meaningless paragraph. There.

Activision's announced that the next Tony Hawk game will be called Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. It's due out in the next fiscal year (god we hate those things), so expect it sometime between April and next March. October/November-time's been a good bet for Tony Hawk games in recent years. No word on formats, either, but PS2/Xbox/Cube/Xbox 360/PC would make sense.

There's no word on what to expect from it yet, but we'd imagine a bit of a rethink after Tony Hawk's American Wasteland marked something of a downturn in terms of critical reception. Remember though: the answer to your troubles is NOT Bam Margera. Nor, you zeitgeisty sons-of-bitches, is it any of those reality TV shows featuring a stupid hotel heiress or fake marriage. We know what you're like.

You can put Jeremy Kyle in it if you want though. SHUT UP.