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Id Software promotes veterans

Todd Hollenshead and Tim Willits now co-owners.

Generally media shy DOOM developer Id Software has made co-owners out of CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead designer Tim Willits, granting them ownership shares alongside the long-standing team of John Carmack, Adrian Carmack and Kevin Cloud.

In a typically brief statement on the Id Software website this week, the developer confirmed the news and added "Everyone at id would like to thank Todd and Tim for their years of dedication and congratulate them on their latest accomplishment."

Hollenshead, id's "obligatory businessman", joined the developer in 1996, while Willits joined a year earlier and has worked on the three Quake games as lead level designer.

Willits is currently lead designer on DOOM III, which is due out via publisher Activision sometime this year. Presumably "when it's done".

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