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Frag Doll goes to boot camp

On EGTV. With hilarious results. Plus, win a day out with Warfighters.

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We'd probably have given up before the hill, actually.

By now everyone's seen the Ghosts in action, ducking and diving through the streets, working as a team to take down terrorist scum. Heroes all. But what would happen if a normal everyday person went through that sort of ritual, ducking through hedgerows and running up hills and doing all that nonsense hiding behind walls and so on?

Well, as Frag Doll Kitt (yes, but hear us out) demonstrates on Eurogamer TV today, there's lots of panting, moaning and eventually vomiting. But after that it gets a bit better, with tanks to drive and even a big eff-off sniper rifle to fire at cinder blocks. Apparently it's a bit like doing it in the game, right down to holding your breath. Head over to EGTV to see for yourself.

Obviously it's all about promoting Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, but Frag Doll minders Ubisoft have also got a neat little competition prize for you: if you're one of the people who answers the following question correctly, you'll receive one of four tickets to go and train with the people who nearly broke Kitt, the Warfighters. We're told they're very nice men, and we're not just saying that because we're scared of being beaten up/shot/etc.

Which of the following clever word-men has his name on the front of Ghost Recon?
Friday, 10th November
  • Prizes will not be exchanged for cash or other goods - if you don't want the prize, don't enter.
  • No employees of Eurogamer or Ubisoft may enter this competition
  • If you don't give us a valid e-mail address we can't contact you if you win the competition, and you will be ignored and possibly ridiculed.
  • All entries must reach us by Friday, 10th November, at which point the winners will be selected.
  • Multiple entries from the same email address will be ignored.
  • This competition is open to European residents only.
  • The judge's decision is final.
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