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Castle Wolfenstein for PC too

But 360 leads the way.

As we speculated on the night of X05 (us being clever-boots and all), id and Raven Software's new Castle Wolfenstein title will lead on Xbox 360 but is definitely also coming to PC.

Activision, which is the licensed worldwide distributor, whatever that means, says the game will thrust us deep into the blackened heart of Nazi Germany (etc.) where experiments with technology and the supernatural threaten to fill levels with zombies and other horrible things (well, they said "turn the tide of World War II", but we know what they really meant).

We're told to expect "revolutionary new graphics technology targeted specifically at next generation hardware" - perhaps some relation to the MegaTexture stuff that Splash Damage is using in another game id Software's farmed out, PC multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

It's all speculation for now though. None of the three companies has suggested when we can expect to see it either, although the bods at Microsoft would be keen for us to point out that it will lead on Xbox 360. This must be what they meant by re-energising the PC - now the ports are only out on one other platform beforehand.

Sorry - that was harsh. Frankly, everyone should be excited about a new Wolfenstein game, whatever the platform, because you were all horrible to the last one even though it was really good. Just like when you hated the Dreamcast. Scum! All of you!