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Faces of War MP demo

World worn out yet?

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Good day for World War II demos, this - no sooner had we written about Company of Heroes than Faces of War locked us in its thousand-yard stare.

Best Way's pseudo-sequel to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II is due out on September 15th, and a new multiplayer demo should give you an idea of its quality.

At 287MB it's a good bit slighter than CoH, and comes on the heels of July's single-player effort.

According to the text, it includes the "Workshop" map, playable in Combat and Combat FFA modes, along with the "Railways (small)" map for Frontline mode. The latter is a team game that sees one group trying to storm defensive positions under the control of the other lot, who are operating with limited resources. The official website outlines the game's multiplayer modes in more depth.

Look forward to the full game, published by Ubisoft, on Sept 15th, and in the meantime why not check out our preview or watch a video on Eurogamer TV?

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