Faces of War

Faces of War

Faces of War

Platoon of Heroes.

Looking at the rows of gleaming medals pinned to the chest of Company of Heroes by the world's game critics, you'd think it won WW2 (the RTS) single-handedly. It didn't. Not quite, anyway. Most of CoH's most striking features first surfaced in a Russian strategy game released over two years ago. Soldiers: Heroes of World War II was the very first real-time tactics title to combine spectacular physics, great graphics, and a good-sized dollop of WW2 realism. Only a lack of polish and presentational panache kept its gong tally low.

Control yourself

The few that did discover the wonders of S:HoWW2 will know roughly what to expect from this often brilliant, sometimes ropey follow-up. Faces of War is an RTS in which you demolish structures rather than erect them. It's an RTS in which every soldier and vehicle has their own inventory, and every soldier and vehicle can be manoeuvred arcade-style with the aid of cursor keys (for movement) and a mouse (for targeting). This marvellous 'direct control' facility dramatically narrows that emotional distance we take for granted in strategy games. Sending a tank down a suspiciously quiet street with a single mouse click will never ever be as exciting or involving as steering it down that street personally, moving the main gun warily from left to right as you go.

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Faces of War MP demo

World worn out yet?

Good day for World War II demos, this - no sooner had we written about Company of Heroes than Faces of War locked us in its thousand-yard stare.

Faces of War

Face front, Soldier. You're going off to war. Again.

While we're selecting levels when preparing to play this Soldiers: Heroes of World War II except-in-name sequel, we notice a small legend in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Faces of War demo

Cross-genre WWII action.

Ukrainian studio Best Way has released a demo of its cross-genre World War II title Faces of War, featuring a pair of single-player missions to try out.

FeatureFaces of War

A look at Best Way's Heroes of WWII follow-up.

This March will see the release of Faces of War, currently in development at Ukrainian studio Best Way. It's a follow-up to 2004's Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, but no, they didn't just change the series' name because Heroes of World War II 2 would sound stupid.

Ubi to publish Faces of War

Formerly known as Outfront II.

The PC real-time strategy title formerly known as Outfront II has picked up a publisher in the shape of Ubisoft - and a new name to boot.