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More GTA PSP details

All new. Except the city.

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"Money-makin', money-money-makin'," a random MP3 just spat at me.

In other news, Rockstar has released a few more details of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, its forthcoming handheld GTA title, as part of its recent financial statement.

According to Rockstar, the game, which sees players return to Liberty City, setting for the first 3D GTA title, "has an entirely original storyline with all new missions and the freedom, production values and depth of play comparable to other Grand Theft Auto titles".

The game's due out in Rockstar's "fourth quarter", which ties in neatly with what Sony Europe don David Reeves proclaimed during a briefing at E3 - that it'll be out "soon after" the PSP's European launch on September 1st.

We look forward to it, as do you, and as does Rockstar's bank manager.

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