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Namco reveals new PC RPG

Introducing Mage Knight Apocalypse, based on the series of collectable miniatures. No idea.

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Namco has unveiled its forthcoming action role-playing game for PC, Mage Knight Apocalypse.

The game is based on the WizKids collectable miniatures series and lets up to five players join up competitively or co-operatively on a journey through "a war-torn fantasy setting."

It seems some mysterious power or other has issued an "ominous portent", and heroes from all across the land are being called to defend the innocent civilians from an evil army, led by The Apocalypse Dragon, who has risen from the ashes to wreak havoc with his five heads and flammable breath.

Only you, and up to four of your mates, can restore peace to the land. And hack off all his five heads in the process, no doubt.

There's a heavy emphasis on team dynamics and you'll need to select your party carefully, combining melee, ranged and magical attacks with group combos for victory.

You can choose characters from five different classes and equip them with all manner of weapons, armour and special items. Characters develop according to the way you play the game - so the more spells you cast the more powerful your magic will become, the more sword-swinging you do the bigger your muscles will get and so on.

"The beloved and rich world of Mage Knight has found a great home on the PC," said Mage Knight creator Jordan Weisman.

"This game will capture all of the strategy and fun of Mage Knight for new and old fans alike."

Mage Knight Apocalypse is due for release next summer.

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