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New Star Wars game confirmed

For PSP and Nintendo DS.

Our old friend Internet Reports has been at it again, this time with rumours of a new Star Wars game for PSP and Nintendo DS.

The rumours emerged after online retailers began advertising it on their sites - and this time, it turns out, they were right on the money, and Ubisoft's quietly had it on its schedule for a little while. Called Star Wars Shadow Strike, it's currently in development for both handhelds, and is due to hit the shops in May.

That's all they're saying for the moment, though; as for what type of game it'll be, all we know is that it's described as an "action" game on Ubi's latest release schedule.

Ubisoft also confirmed that a Star Wars double pack for Game Boy Advance is due out this spring - but there's no word on which titles it'll include just yet.

Star Wars Shadow Strike is out on May 26th.

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