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Ballmer kids update: 360-get

He cheated, though.

A happy ending to one of December's most irritating stories, then: Steve Ballmer's managed to get his kids an Xbox 360.

As you may remember (or just read now), thanks to anti-fraud legislation, Microsoft couldn't just give its cuddly CEO a console and he had to buy one himself. But obviously couldn't, because they didn't make enough.

So how did he swing it now, given that there are still thousands of people struggling to get their hands on one? By getting the owner of a Best Buy shop to tip him off about a shipment, of course!

News.com reports that Ballmer admits this "slightly smacks of privilege", but he reckons since Microsoft's employees buy a lot of kit from that particular shop near the office it's fine. Which isn't what we think: we think he should have to queue in the rain. And not just because we're horrible people.

So then, now the mini-Ballmers have finally gotten their hands on one of Daddy's new business ventures, what do they make of it? Apparently they're impressed by how much the players in the basketball game sweat. We're not saying anything.