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Pandora Tomorrow gets adaptive AI

Reacts to your skills.

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The next version of Splinter Cell will feature "ambient AI" that tunes the game to fit the player's skills, Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has revealed in an interview with the BBC.

"You should at least have the same game experience even if you are not as good," Guillemot told the BBC. "It is about making sure you can understand the reactions of the players to give them the things that will really work for them."

"It is about AI reacting to your abilities. If you cannot do something after 20 tries it makes sure you still progress."

Of course the idea of adaptive AI is nothing particularly new or impressive. Heck, there were Doom engine games that gave you a telling hint if you spent too long wandering back and forwards aimlessly.

But hopefully the next Splinter Cell can take that a bit further. Guillemot reckons the game will tune itself to the player's particular skill level more than any other, challenging without breaking the player's concentration and descending into a swear-fest.

Scripted events, for example, could be delayed until the player sees them, or re-sited to they occur within line of sight, the BBC article reveals - although that statement reads more like a general observation than a cast iron inclusion.

Either way, it won't be long before we find out for certain, with Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow due out in March across the Atlantic.

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