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Men of Valor multiplayer demo

And now you can kill your friends with poo-sticks and other unpleasant devices. Like guns.

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We've seen and played Infinity Ward's wonderful Call of Duty, and EA's increasingly polished stabs at reinvigorating the Medal of Honour franchise, but up to now the developer that kicked it all off, 2015, Inc., has been left somewhat by the way side - relegated into obscurity thanks to reports that virtually all the key contributors to Medal of Honour: Allied Assault went AWOL soon after that game shipped.

For those who kept the faith though, this week there's an opportunity to see what the lads left at 2015 have been up to in a PC multiplayer demo of their Vietnam-based shooter Men of Valor, which is due out from publisher Sierra (Vivendi-Universal Games) in late October/early November. You can download the 328MB file here.

And since you're probably curious, the MoV demo features a large urban map called Reclaim Cholon and a smaller jungle map called Jungle Ruins, both of which can be played in straight or team deathmatch modes, or multiplayer mission modes using three player classes (rifleman, machinegunner and sniper). The full game will feature more classes and support for up to 24 players, if our memory serves us correctly.

You can read a great deal more about Men of Valor by checking out our Xbox and PC impressions and reading what the developer had to say in our two-part interview (one, two) conducted earlier this year.

We should have a review of the game later this month.

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