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Perfect Dark map pack soon

Dash update overdue too.

It's been a week of near-things for followers of Xbox 360 Marketplace - with a promised dashboard update still not quite out and a map pack for Perfect Dark Zero that Microsoft US emailed about on Friday not quite there either.

On the latter, according to Xbox Live director Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, "You can stop looking on Marketplace, because the map pack is not there. Apparently the email went out before the maps were ready."

When the pack does come out, it'll cost 500 Microsoft points, and will include four maps - Trench, Rooftops, Gas Plant and Plaza. If you fancy a taste, Plaza is actually included in the recently released Perfect Dark Zero demo.

Meanwhile, Hryb's latest podcast includes a bit on the promised dashboard update, which is due to add background-downloading among other things. Dubbed "The one about why it's not out yet", Hryb offers an "update on the update". "I don't have a date yet," he says, trailing the podcast, "but I'll update you as to when I may have more information about it."

As of this morning, we still can't get hold of either - but will let you know when we can, obviously.

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