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Oblivion patch this week

Bug-fixes and so on.

Plenty of folks playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion have nothing but good to say about it, but there are some who look upon things differently - people who view all this downloadable content nonsense as a bit poor taste given the various bugs that have still yet to be ironed out.

Well, hopefully that's going to be sorted out soon - with a patch due for release on PC and Xbox 360 this week according to Bethesda Softworks PR head Pete Hines.

Speaking to 1UP last week, Hines said that an official patch is in the final stages of development and certification, and that the developer's also looking at options to get it to people on Xbox 360 who don't subscribe to Live. "We'll make it available via whatever means are out there for any game to get updates to people playing the game," he said - and yes, that might include bundling it with an official mag.

We'll let you know when the patch rocks up.