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Free 7-day DAOC trial

Currently in the dark age of subs-only downloads, mind.

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Mythic Entertainment has announced that a one-week free trial copy of Dark Age of Camelot will be made available for general consumption on Tuesday, February 10th. The 561.2MB package is currently only available to FilePlanet subscribers here.

Given the price and ongoing subscription costs attached to most MMORPGs, it's become impractical to try them before you buy, so an opportunity to explore the lands of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia will no doubt be welcomed by massively multiplayer fans keen to dabble but still uncertain of DAOC's merits. Them and students, presumably.

It's also worth noting that although this is a free trial, players will be required to input their credit card details during installation - not for immediate billing, but so that Mythic can tap your wallet from the 8th day onward. For more information on the FilePlanet/DAOC promotion, head here.

And of course if you enjoy Dark Age of Camelot, you could always consider picking up Mythic's second expansion pack Trials of Atlantis, which introduces 10 new zones amongst other things, when it's published by Wanadoo in Europe on February 27th.

Mythic of course recently announced it was suing Microsoft over that company's own MMORPG Mythica, which, Mythic alleges, infringes on the developer's name and trademark. For more on that potentially bloody confrontation, read this.

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