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WarCraft III tops 1m sales in Europe

Reign of Chaos continues.

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Sales of WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos have topped one million units in Europe, Blizzard announced as the WarCraft III Battle Chest went on sale recently. That's according to various estimates from internal company reports and retailers.

Launched in July 2002, WarCraft III has enjoyed massive success across the world, topping most European PC charts, with sales buoyed in summer 2003 by expansion pack The Frozen Throne. In all, publisher Vivend-Universal Games had to ship 4.4 million units to retail to cope with demand, and worldwide sales of the WarCraft series now top 11 million units since the series' debut back in 1994. That's not including the vast success of Blizzard's StarCraft spin-off, either.

The recently released WarCraft III Battle Chest, containing both WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos and expansion pack The Frozen Throne (with strategy guides for both thrown in for good measure), is available from most retailers for £35 or less.

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