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Pay for Xbox 360 gamerpoints

They don't really love you.

Love gamerpoints, but can't be bothered to sit around all night questing after achievements? Well that's just life, isn't it? Stop moaning.

Unless you're rich and daft, of course, in which case you might want to cast your eyes in the direction of, where you can now effectively buy the gamerpoints that you crave.

Set up by the same sort of people who've been farming gold in World of Warcraft and performing similar services in other massively multiplayer games, the site offers those with cash to burn a range of gamerpoint upgrades.

At the low end, you can pay $39.99 for 500 more, while those who really have no shame at all can chuck them $299.99 for an extra 3000. You pay your money, and then give temporary control of your account to the site's operators, who will then notify you again when they've finished levelling you up.

Obviously it's got nothing to do with Microsoft, and it's a bit of a risk giving someone access to your account - particularly if you store credit card details within. Not only that, but there's no telling which games they'll use to level you up, so you might end up having it done with stuff you planned to buy and play yourself.

Probably better to rely on FAQs and sites like instead - at least that's only half cheating. You cad.