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SEGA signs Tenchu sequel for Europe

Fatal Shadows due out on PS2 exclusively.

SEGA Europe, not traditional publisher Activision, is set to release the next Tenchu title from K2 Studios in Europe next spring. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, which appears to be based on the same technology as K2's previous Tenchu title, Wrath of Heaven, judging by these screenshots, will be released exclusively on PlayStation 2.

The game will feature two playable ninjas - returning heroine Ayane and newcomer Rin - and promises to feature the usual blend of stealth and some melee combat, and a couple of additions announced in this evening's release - the ability to hide bodies and breathe underwater.

Japanese Tenchu publisher From Software is also in on the deal, according to SEGA Europe, providing planning and production assistance. In fact, the Japanese firm is very likely the key to the deal, having previously worked with SEGA on the Xbox only Otogi titles.

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