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ProStroke Golf PC demo

Take it for a swing.

Gusto Games' ProStroke Golf is now available to try out in a PC demo (I'm assured there will be some non-demo/release date news later in the day, incidentally - stay tuned), giving you the chance to see whether its innovative new stroke system does the trick.

According to publisher Oxygen Interactive, the demo (direct link, 255MB - and in the RAR archive format rather than the more traditional ZIP, incidentally) features three holes of the Brabazon course at the De Vere Belfry, and puts you in the role of Sergio Garcia.

Indeed it puts you in his head - as ProStroke's great improvement on the golf games of old is that you can see the ball at your feet and strike it from above, shifting your weight as well as swinging the club. For a slightly more detailed explanation, see our previous coverage.

The full game is out now on PS2, Xbox and PC, with a PSP version to follow.