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DoW: Dark Crusade demo

Try Relic's second expansion.

Those of you clamouring to get your mice-dice on Relic's second Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War expansion, Dark Crusade, will be pleased to discover there's a demo out showcasing the start of the single-player game. Or maybe you'll be inexplicably angry. You're pretty weird.

The demo will cost you 309MB in Internet, and can be downloaded from the aforementioned Internet. It features a tutorial as well as a pair of single-player missions, playable as either the Tau or the Space Marines.

Developed with the full blessing of those fine men at Games Workshop, obviously (one of whom once accused me of having "fat hands"), Dark Crusade brings the total number of playable races to a massive seven - Winter Assault, the first expansion, added The Imperial Guard to the Orks, Space Marines, Eldar and Chaos of the original, while this one brings us the Tau and the lively-sounding Neocrons.

The full version of Dark Crusade is due out on October 27th, and if you're too lazy to actually play the demo, why not stop by Eurogamer TV where we've got at least 428 different movies that you can take a look at? They're all listed on the gamepage, including the various phases of Neocron and an introduction to specific units, like the Tau Meatgrinder.