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John Woo to direct Rainbow Six film?

Variety reckons so, although it's more to do with the book than the game by the looks of things.

American film mag Variety reckons that John Woo is in line to direct a movie based on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, with Liev Schreiber and Raymond Cruz reportedly heading up the cast as CIA agent John Clark and his colleague Domingo "Ding" Chavez respectively.

Schreiber previously handled the role of Clark albeit briefly in The Sum Of All Fears, whereas Cruz played Chavez in Clear And Present Danger. Interestingly (or not), Willem Dafoe actually played Clark in the latter, but isn't connected to this project.

To be clear, the report focuses more on the original Clancy novel, but given that the game and book were pretty closely linked, and the characters permeate various other similarly titled games and spin-offs, it seems fair to draw the connection.

Besides, Woo has already been linked with Metroid and Spy Hunter videogame-based projects recently through his company Tiger Hill. Throw in Rainbow Six and it's certainly a varied workload.

Details of the plot and schedule are scant (and we're not paying the fee to read more speculation on the subject), but we can assume it will involve bad men who need to be dealt with in a slick and precisely violent manner.