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Cooking Mama tops Majesco bill

Handheld titles form E3 line-up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A Western version of Cooking Mama will be among four handheld titles shown off by Majesco at E3 next week, the publisher's announced.

Having dialled down its publishing business to concentrate on handhelds, Majesco's visiting E3 this year solely to show off PSP and DS titles.

Along with Cooking Mama - which sees players concocting meals from a variety of recipes, chopping, slicing, pan-frying, kneading, grating and so on using the stylus - Majesco will show off MechAssault: Phantom War and Monster Bomber on DS, and Guilty Gear Judgement on PSP.

MechAssault is of course based on the Xbox game of the same name, and will feature over 20 types of vehicles including mechs, while Monster Bomber is about flinging different coloured balls at descending ranks of multi-coloured monsters using the stylus.

Guilty Gear Judgement, of course, is the handheld version of the 2D beat-'em-up, and not only includes a new side-scrolling Guilty Gear Judgement game but also an arcade port of Guilty Gear X2 #Reload.

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