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DreamCatcher tackles God

RTS Genesis Rising takes it on.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

DreamCatcher's announced Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade, a new science fiction RTS game with RPG elements - in development at Metamorf Studios and due out this September.

Set in the distant future, when humanity's uncovered most of the universe, it puts you in the role of captain Iconah, a fleet commander and brilliant genetic designer - one of the manipulators of the organids, little organic machines which assured humanity's ascension to conquerors of all and sundry.

The only bit we lack, in our future brilliance, is the galaxy that plays host to the Universal Heart, which spawned all life - or so the humans think - and it's that bit that Iconah's off to take over.

DreamCatcher's promising an impressive ("revolutionary") 3D engine allowing for the real-time morphing of huge spaceships, along with "interactive cinematics with charismatic alien characters" and real-time diplomacy and trade.

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