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BattleZone for PSP

This November.

Atari's announced plans to bring a modern update of BattleZone to PSP this November.

Paradigm Entertainment's developing it, and it promises a decent mix of single and multiplayer - but the emphasis appears to be on team-play, with four-player Wi-Fi high up on the agenda.

You'll take control of hover tanks in close combat scenarios, as you'd expect, with eight customisable team vehicles, unlockable weapons, vehicles and upgrades.

Extra content will be made available through the game's website too, including an online level builder tool - results can be transferred to PSP via PC-USB.

Multiplayer-wise, in all there'll be six modes - DM, CTF, TDM, Hotzone, Knockout and Fox and Hound. We don't know what Fox and Hound is but it's almost certainly not a Disney licence, because that film was rubbish and a total letdown after the Lion King.