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Action Replay MAX DUO for DS, GBA

Datel's latest "all-in-one game enhancer" hits the shelves this week.

Action Replay MAX DUO goes on sale THIS WEEK, according to manufacturers DATEL.

It combines Action Replay for the GBA and MAX Drive for the Nintendo DS, which explains the DUO bit. But not all the SHOUTING.

MAX Drive DS allows you to backup, restore and exchange game saves. You can use either the on-board memory or the included PC application to store "literally thousands" of saves on a computer - presumably limited only by the size of your PC's hard disk - and store multiple game saves for titles which normally only feature one or two save slots.

The PC app also allows users to upload and download saves via codejunkies.com. The website also feature 'Power Saves' - "save files hacked by Datel's dedicated code crackers" which offer infinite lives, level unlocking and the like.

Action Replay for GBA comes loaded with around 20,000 "totally unauthorised" cheats for more than 200 games, including Pokémons Sapphire and Ruby. The cartridge can also be updated with new codes in the future.

Action Replay MAX DUO is out this week, priced £29.99.

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