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Mark Rein comments on UT2007

'When it's done.'

Epic Games' Mark Rein has settled any lingering doubt about Unreal Tournament 2007's relationship with the PlayStation 3 launch, arguing that since nobody knows when the console will launch and Epic can't predict when UT2007 will be finished, the entire point is rather moot.

"The question of whether we're a launch title or not is unanswerable because we don't know if the PS3 will be out before we're done or not," Rein said in comments reported by GameSpot and 1UP. "We won't ship the title on any platform before it's done, and it is too early to say when that will be."

Yesterday we reported on comments from producer Jeff Morris, who said the first-person shooter would appear on "PC first". Rein echoed that sentiment: "For now we soldier on with the plan to ship on PC as soon as we're done," he said.