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Kill the cast of Hollyoaks

Well, play them at Halo 2.

Hollyoaks. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that it's on every single bloody Sunday for what feels like seventeen hours and never did anybody's hangover any good at all.

But anyway, it turns out that Chester residents Max Cunningham (real name Matt Littler), Olivia Johnson (Rochelle Gadd) and Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) are big fans of Halo 2, and will be battling it out on Xbox Live tomorrow.

If you want to take them on, you'll need to add their gamertags - which are the same as their character names - to your friends list. Then hop online between 4pm - 6pm this Saturday 4th March to see if you've been selected to take part.

The Hollyoaks omnibus is broadcast each Sunday on Channel 4 from 9.50am - all bloody day.