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Hitman composer returns

Io contracts Jesper Kyd.

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Jesper Kyd has written more than 90 minutes of music to accompany the third title in the Hitman series, Contracts, and has described his score and the game as "dark" and "sinister". It's a theme you might well have picked up on anyway from the recent release of this trailer, which also features Kyd's work.

Kyd, whose credits include the likes of Brute Force, Minority Report, MDK2 and Messiah, has already worked for Io on previous Hitman games and most recently he produced an extremely rousing score for historically-backward, borderline-satirical shoot-'em-up Freedom Fighters. He's currently composing music for McFarlane's Evil Prophecy on Konami's behalf.

"The Hitman: Contracts score follows the dark, sinister nature of the third Hitman game," he said in a statement confirming the news. "The soundtrack is a dark and adventurous score mixed with suspenseful electronica elements."

Hitman: Contracts, one of publisher Eidos' key prospects for 2004, is due out in early April by current estimates on PS2, Xbox and PC.

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